Case study

SBLI / Creative Illustration Test – Term Life

SBLI, since its founding in 1907, has worked to protect over a million families with affordable and reliable insurance policies. With a mission to empower consumers into protecting their family’s financial future and a recorded $4 billion in dividend payments – SBLI is a proven heavyweight offering Final Expense Insurance, Term Life insurance, ‘LegacyShield’ and Accelerated Underwriting.


3 of the Topline Stats highlighted by the study:


Increase conversion


Decrease in CPC’s


1: Short client history/pain points/context regarding case study

At Rocketer, our main priority has always been finding more efficient ways to market for our clients. We wanted to encourage SBLI to test a variety of creatives to identify avenues to improve performance. Running consistent testing, especially regarding creatives, is what sets our company apart from competitors


2: What is the end-goal? What metrics/performance are we looking to improve?

As part of our testing, we created various ad types and decided on a test involving illustrated ads for SBLI. The end-goal was to improve volume, completed registrations and pull-down Cost Per Applications (CPC’s).


3: Process of achieving said goal (strategy)? What steps + Products were used?

Using company assets, we constructed new creatives in collaboration with the team and tested illustration ads against more everyday/lifestyle focussed ads. We spent 2 weeks testing previous ads, then launched the new illustrations for 2 weeks.


4: What were the end results (Metrics)? What are the lessons of case study and how can this help prospective clients?

A shift to illustrated creatives took the brand from their look of corporate minimalism to a softened relatability…. And the results agreed! Overall, the illustration ads incurred a 47% increase in conversions and 32% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition. When we work collaboratively with our clients, the possibilities are endless.

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