We look at the data from Rio 2016 to predict 2021

Remember last time? If not, let us recap on what happened in the Facebook advertising world during Rio 2016 and what you can potentially expect this time around in terms of stat fluctuations.


1. Although in RIO 2016 we saw a overall increased media spend during the Olympic games, we also saw an increased cost in the all metrics through the funnel.

2. The USA saw increased top of the funnel cost, but also experienced positive outcomes at Lead and CPL level.

3. Post Olympics in 2016, we saw further increases in media spend resulting in mid funnel efficiencies and volume.




1. Don’t change current creative assets to be ‘Olympic’ themed. Stay with your best performing ads and keep them live during the Olympic games.

2. Opportunity to refresh creatives assets. As there is increased activity in the marketplace, you may want review and refresh some of your creative assets.

3. As consumption habits change during the Olympic games, it might be worth considering reallocating some of your budget to the follow month and take advantage of a potentially quieter marketplace.