Case study

Bankers Landing Page / Correcting Rejected Leads

Bankers Life is a primary subsidiary of CNO Financial Group, based in Chicago and established in 1879. The insurer sells a range of financial products, including Medicare supplement insurance, life insurance, annuities, long-term care insurance and supplemental health insurance.

When Chicago-based firm, Bankers Life, flagged problems with their lead validation system, Rocketer incorporated our tech into a new landing page which successfully reduced lead generated errors by 24%.



Reduction in cost per lead


reduction in lead generated errors

Additional leads that would have fallen through


1: Short client history/pain points/context regarding case study

Banker’s Life had originally outsourced their lead validation technology and website to be run by a company separate from the business. Under their current system, if customer data had any minor error, the validation tool would reject this lead immediately – These included credible duplicates, but more worryingly, grammatical errors or even slight deviations from the user’s home address would prompt the same rejection. Whether it be our customer’s technological literacy, doomed autocorrect or the plight of fat-fingers… We all deserve a second chance. On average, these issues meant we were losing 43% of our overall leads… At Rocketer, any issue affecting our client is an issue that affects us too. We vowed to help.


2: What is the end-goal? What metrics/performance are we looking to improve?

At Rocketer, our aims were to; fix the company landing page to ensure a seamless user-journey; overhaul the current lead validation software so no users fell through the cracks, and finally, increase the uptake of successful leads.


3: Process of achieving said goal (strategy)? What steps + Products were used?

We knew that without immediate changes, Banker’s Life would incur a serious, and avoidable, loss of leads. After the outsourced company were unable to resolve this issue, Rocketer seized the opportunity to help our client.

The team first analysed the most common errors throughout each products journey. We then began building out a new landing page that would instead use a Rocketer lead validation tool by inputting backend coding that rectified those errors moving forward through a two-factor validation system. We also integrated autofill within the user address box that matched the lead validation tool for higher success rate.


4: What were the end results (Metrics)? What are the lessons of case study and how can this help prospective clients?

What a success! Rocketer’s website expertise proved to reduce the average duplication rate by half (from 43% to 19%). We found that, had this system been in use prior to our website takeover, Banker’s would have saved 2837 leads. Nevertheless, the new landing page and validation system has helped save over 3986 leads that would have otherwise been buried alive. Additionally, this influx lead to an immediate 36% reduction in overall Cost Per Lead… Being tech savvy really does pay the bills
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