During the past decade, we’ve


ad impressions


ad variants

Worked globally with

financial services partners

Rocketer is what happens when human curiosity meets the power of big data.

We are a UK-based MarTech business, specialising in paid social media advertising for the financial services industry.

Using digital channels, we help our clients to build their brand and grow sales in a cost-effective way.

One giant leap ahead

Our proprietary technology can generate thousands of hyper-personalized ads within minutes. It can optimize bids. It can manage campaigns, predicting cost overruns and reallocating media budgets, faster and more effectively than humans alone.

Combine that with the best-in-class performance of our team, and it all adds up to unbeatable results for our clients time and time again.

Our credentials speak for themselves.

We were one of the first 4 advertising API partners to launch with Facebook and today we are only one of a handful of Facebook Premium Marketing Partners anywhere in the world.

How we’re different

Unrivalled dataset.

We have over 20 years experience running digital marketing and distribution companies and 8 years of specializing in digital distribution of financial products. During that time, we’ve delivered 9bn ad impressions and 7m ad variants across more than 70 financial services partners worldwide.

Insights that cut through the noise.

Our proprietary technology analyses thousands of ad variants in real-time, pulling out the insights that really matter.

Our expert team of marketers works closely with partners, at all levels, so they know exactly what’s happening with their campaigns.

AI that generates unbeatable results.

We apply AI to our insights to optimize bids and manage media spend in the most efficient way possible. Our technology enhances human performance, generating acquisition costs for our partners that consistently exceed expectations.

Global experience.

We’ve run marketing campaigns over 5 continents with over 70 partners. And we have offices in the UK, US, Europe, and South Africa.

in financial products.

For more than 8 years, we have  specialized in the digital distribution of financial products. Although notoriously difficult to sell digitally, we’ve embraced technology allowing us to generate leads at scale.

Focus on Facebook.

Facebook is the most efficient channel for financial products, which is why we work Facebook-first, but not Facebook-exclusive. We’re one of only 17 partners anywhere in the world to be included within Facebook’s RevUp program.


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